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Few things are as important to protect as our children. To exhaust an old metaphor-they are our future. Especially the parents of younger children or those who have several children will attest that keeping them safe is a nearly impossible task.

Kid protection is a task made difficult by several aspects-firstly the fact that a world built for adults isn’t ideal for children to be in, as things aren’t built with the intention to be safe for kids. Secondly, children themselves have little self-preservation instinct and their curiosity gets them into unsafe situations. Thirdly, children security is a full time job that requires a fair bit of money.

Child proofing every possible environment a child, while at the same time not neglecting family security, can be difficult. Hiding away dangerous materials and chemicals is fairly easy, however spotting more difficult threats, such as the edges of drawers or perhaps a dropped nail on the carpet can be a lot more difficult.

Ensuring a child’s safety is no small task, and most young parents will learn as they go. There is no user manual or guide around, and each situation, each home, each child is different and unique. In very much the same fashion, the risks differ greatly.

There are, however, some universal child protection measures that are always of use. Putting a child door at the top and bottom of stairs in the house is an essential-as is getting a high chair since small kids shouldn’t be trusted to sit on their own. The same goes for a set of childproof cutlery once they are old enough to use it. Safe toys are a given as are safe beds.

Many children seem to have a somewhat worrisome like for heights that puts them into dangerous situations. As a rule for young parents ‘constant vigilance’ is a must. The joy of having children should not be overshadowed by fear and constant thoughts about kid protection though. Any parent will worry about their child, however this should not escalate into actual fear. And besides, child security doesn’t have to be difficult!

To make it easier on the parents, there are now even companies that offer ‘safe spaces’ that can be erected and are as risk-free as is at all possible. Other security companies offer services such as checking a house for threats and removing them. Usually such services are costly, however they can be very much worth it for inexperienced people.


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